The origin of 'Hoofbosch'

Martien van Winden's father, Martien van Winden Sr., was born at Hoeve Hoofbosch, a farm located at 146 Schieweg (see photo) in Delft. It was built in the 17th century on top of an old monastery and is located on the river Schie. The farm’s most remarkable feature is the monumental wrought iron gate located on an arched bridge made of brick that traverses the canal. The two side wings of the gate are called "Hoof" -left- and "Bosch" -right. The fence probably comes from a 13th-century estate called Hoofbosch located south of the village of De Lier. Almost nothing remains of the original country estate – All we can see are part of the driveway and some of the canals that surrounded the estate.

"We, the people at Toilet Duck, recommend Toilet Duck"

And how this led to a crisis