The Hoofbosch investment fund strives for long-term capital growth at an acceptable risk.

The fund aims for an average long-term return (10 to 15 years) of at least 7% per year, after deduction of all costs. The fact that the fund sparingly makes changes to the portfolio (a so-called 'buy and hold strategy') means that the performance will only be reduced to a limited extent by transaction costs.

Hoofbosch invests the majority of its assets (currently around 90%) in solid listed companies in sectors such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and energy. We do not invest in real estate, emerging markets, technology or financial services.

From time to time something very interesting appears on our radar screen: an opportunity to invest outside the fund's philosophy, such as in biotech or social media. In such a case, we always invest in listed 'specials' with reliable and experienced management. About 8% of our fund is currently invested in 'specials'. For example, we were invested in Crucell, Google and Tesla in the past.

The fund can also invest up to 10% in gold. We see gold as a currency, not as a commodity. However, unlike other currencies, gold does not lose its value over time.

Up to 10% of the fund may be invested in government bonds of Switzerland and the Netherlands. These are the healthiest economies in the world. While we see the United States as a great place for solid companies to thrive, we prefer a longer track record when it comes to government debt.
Hoofbosch does not borrow money and does not invest in derivatives.

Three countries where the sun always shines

when it comes to investing