Who we are

Hoofbosch investment fund was founded in 2006 by Martien van Winden and Robbert-Jan Engels, after years of successfully managing a family fund.

Martien van Winden (1957) has a passion for history, philosophy, and economics. He started his career at Robeco. He was also a guest lecturer in strategic management at the VU University, University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2000 he published his bestseller 'Staying Rich'. His passion for history has resulted in a graph: The Financial Canon of the Netherlands, which charts the development of shares and interest from 1540 onwards. His latest book 'Your age as a goldmine' was published in 2020. Martien has an MBA from Nyenrode Business University.

Robbert-Jan Engels (1958) shares Martien's passion for history. Robbert-Jan studied law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and held various consultancy and management positions at, among others, engineering firm Arcadis. Afterwards he was director-owner of Fiscaal Raadhuis, a tax consultancy for the local government. He is co-author of the book 'World at a turning point', in which current events are analyzed in a historical perspective. Within the fund’s management board, Robbert-Jan is primarily responsible for risk management and compliance. Together with Martien, he regularly visits listed companies at home and abroad.

Martien and Robbert-Jan are supported by a team of five professionals.

Team Hoofbosch

  • Portret van Martien van Winden
    Martien van Winden
  • Portret van Robbert-Jan Engels
    Robbert-Jan Engels
  • Portret van Sander Luijendijk
    Sander Luijendijk
  • Portret van Edin Mujagić
    Edin Mujagić
  • Portret van Madeleine Kemna
    Madeleine Kemna
    Chief Economist
  • Portret van Michelle van Rooden
    Michelle van Rooden
    Board Secretary
  • Portret van Emmy van Winden
    Emmy van Winden
    Relationship Management
  • Portret van Charlotte van Winden
    Charlotte van Winden
    Marketing & Communication
  • Portret van Rob van de Kamp
    Rob van de Kamp
    Compliance Officer

Supervisory Board

  • Portret van Paul Frentrop
    Paul Frentrop
  • Portret van Eric van der Maarel
    Eric van der Maarel

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