Hoofbosch investment fund strives for an average return in the long term (10 to 15 years) of at least 7% per year, after deduction of all costs.

Morningstar, the world's largest fund comparator, values Hoofbosch with 5 stars, the highest rating based on past performance. The future based quantitative rating, also rates Hoofbosch with the highest achievable score, namely Gold.
Lipper, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters, calls Hoofbosch a 'Lipper Leader', the highest category awarded for investment funds. Lipper compares the performance of funds with other similar funds, looking at the total return and risk.

Net asset value per participation € 234,71
As of 31-7-2021
Assets under management € 287.328.440
Participations issued 1.224.174
Waardeverandering vanaf start in % per maand (na aftrek van kosten)

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