Young Hoofbosch

“All youth is seated upon a reverse goldmine – their ‘age’. The only thing they need to do is to buy solid investments that pay increasing dividends year in and year out.”

Martien van Winden, December 2019

Since June 1st 2020, and at the request of investors, it is now possible for legally recognized (grand) children of participants and their partners to join Hoofbosch with a minimum investment of €25.000. This includes adults as well as minors.

Registration of a (grand) child is always linked to that of the (grand) parent. Participation is only possible when (grand) parents participate in Hoofbosch.

Interested in participating? Please fill in the registration form and send it to our administrator (IQEQ) no later than two working days before the start of the new month. The deposit must be credited to Hoofbosch’s bank account no later than the last business day of the month.

Did you know that parents can give each child a tax-free gift up to €26.457?

For more information check the Dutch tax service website or consult a tax specialist.

The same conditions apply to all Hoofbosch registrants. Download the prospectus here.

Edin Mujagić

aan boord van Hoofbosch